Boiler not shutting down with low water

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My steam boiler Crown JS52EI fills up and the sight glass shows way lower than mark on boiler. Should be 3/4 up in sight glass but stops taking automatic water feed when about 2-3 inches are visible in the sight glass. The burner does not shut off even if you test it by draining the water and steam started coming ... View more
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Toilet tank filling too slowly

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I have two identical toilets. One is having a problem filling the tank quickly. It runs for a longer time and the water pressure in the bottom of the tank at the shank washer, which shoots water is bubbling and not a strong flow. The turn off value is also not really great. The refill tube water has somewhat normal pressure. View more
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Banging noise coming from water pipes

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The pipes in the home have become increasingly loud, with knocks and bangs occurring from the sudden closing of a tap to running the dishwasher or laundry machine. The likely cause is a main feed that has loose straps. Is there any smart way to locate these and reclamp as needed? With minimal tearing  of drywall, floor boards etc. View more
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Low hot water pressure in shower ONLY

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I just moved into my condo and for some reason ONLY in my shower do I have low hot water pressure. Other bathroom, faucets etc work perfectly fine. When running cold water the pressure is fine but once I turn the handle all the way for the hot water, very little water comes out. What could be causing this? View more
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