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When venting, does your pipe have to exit the roof? Can you come out a gable end, and how far from gable vent do you have to be? Also does your vent pipe have to be 3 inches in diameter or can you use 2 inches all the way through? This is for a large shop/garage. ...
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I want to use the space created for the chimney when I switched to hi efficiency furnace. However the water heater stack went up the same way. Can I vent a standard gas  water heater ( in the basement) out the side of the house at the floor level? Thanks in advance. ...
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This just started.  When the faucet is running in the one sink, after about 15 seconds the water starts to pool in that sink and then the water comes up in the other sink.  Tried Liquid Plumr following the instructions, exactly, the problem not solved.  Tried Drano, same results.  Not a major problem unless the faucet is run for a ...
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As indicated above, I live on an acreage.  Our water now behaves very strangely.  It starts out just fine but, it tapers off to no water at all.  I have checked my pressure tank, it is not leaking, the pressure is fine, I’m not sure what or how to proceed to figure out what and why this is happening. ...
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My boyfriend and I have had water seeping up through the basement floor from the hydrostatic pressure. We dug up the floor and put some drainage tile down and dug another hole for the sump pump basin and sump pump. All is installed but now we aren’t sure where we are supposed to drain the water from the sump pump. A little insight ...
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