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I need to connect a 1/4 o.d. plastic tube to a copper compression fitting on a tap. this is to connect up a furnace mounted humidifier. the rind (frrrule?) that came with the tap doesn’t suit the plastic. the humidifier end of the line has a nylon compression fitting with a plastic (nylon ring (ferrule). the hdwr store where I ...
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Hi, my husband installed the free standing bathtub faucet.  Before he made sure that the water supply was coming through the hot and cold water hoses that slide in the long pipe to attach to faucet.  Everything was working.  He then set up the faucet but as he turned on the water, there was only a slow leak from the ...
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We currently have shallow well (licensed 20 ft deep x 6 ft diameter) beside a great creek,  but the soil sloughs and the galvanized culvert is failing. Currently the well is fed by a buried 4″ plastic pipe out into a pool. I need to be able to shut the supply off in order to clean / repair / replace ...
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When having a shower or doing laundry water backs up into bathtub & sinks gurgle & we have to wait for about 1 hour before we can flush toilet. If we are not doing any of the above the toilet flushes just fine & the sinks drain good Please advise with what you think I should do for a fix I am on ...
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  1. Leaking Toilet

    Gentlemen Plumbers
    It sounds like you have a toilet wax seal that is not sealin View answer
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    Many houses in Alberta have the same problem you are experie View answer
  3. WATER Pressure. How can I increase water pressure in a three story building?

    If you call your municipality they will be happy to tell you View answer
  4. Overheat from Radiator.

    Hello and thanks for your question! Can you add some details View answer
  5. Slow drainage

    Gentlemen Plumbers
    You have a very common problem that happens to many people. View answer
  6. Kitchen sink to automatic air vent

    Tnks for input......I live in Windsor Ontario and plumbing c View answer

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