Water Hammer Arrestor question

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Hello, I have a water line in a commercial facility above a false ceiling in an office that hammers when toilets 150′ away are flushed.  This line is the end of a run feeding an outside spigot on one wall of this office.  I have already installed one hammer arrestor in the line in this area, but the hammer persists.  Will installing ... View more
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Trouble connecting ABS pipe

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Hi I understand that when gluing abs pipe, the pipe is pushed fully into the connector. I have a situation that doesn’t allow that. I have a toilet drain pipe that is about 1/2″ too short. When I place the flange into the drain pipe, only 1″ of the flange pipe enters the drain pipe. Is this 1″ enough to make ... View more
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When venting, does your pipe have to exit the roof? Can you come out a gable end, and how far from gable vent do you have to be? Also does your vent pipe have to be 3 inches in diameter or can you use 2 inches all the way through? This is for a large shop/garage. View more
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