Sump Pump problem

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We live in Winnipeg, MB and the weather has been quite cold (-28C) with a lot of snow.  Two weeks ago our sump pump started filling and dispelling water every 5 minutes.  Our water metre isn’t running and both our neighbours are not having problems.  A plumber has been over to check out the pump and the City has been ... View more
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Plumbing Inspection

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I recently had a water filtration system installed in my house by an unlicensed contractor who did not have permits.  We are pursuing them, and need to have an inspection done to prove that the work they did was bad.  How would I go about getting a plumbing inspection, and what is the cost? View more
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Filler for toilet

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Good morning Recently, installed a new, all brass 1800 Brass Ballcock by Moen. I have done everything and the water level still reaches to the overflow draining very slowly into the toilet. I have turned the screw at the top, as instructed, as far as it would go and that does not stop the dribble. Any suggestions would help. Thanks, MR         View more
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Hydronic heating system

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My heating system makes violent noise. A little over a year ago it did the same thing. We drained the reservoir and a service person changed an electronic part. It worked fine but now the problem has returned and I want the problem fixed more reliably / permanently. Thank you View more
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