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Ask a Plumber

Category : Ask a Plumber

Plumbing is a lifeline in your home through which everything flows. That’s why when there’s a problem, almost everything you need to know before attempting a repair, installing a replacement piece, or even calling a plumber is here: expert tips, practical advice, and much more.

Ask a Plumber
When flushed, my toilet makes a loud fog horn noise. It stops when the system is filled but if I turn on a tap whilst the toilet is filling the noise goes on longer. I’m not very good at DIY so haven’t a clue what to do or how much it would cost to get someone in to fix the problem. ...
Ask a Plumber rebekka 1 week 79 views

Ask a Plumber
In my master bathroom I’ve been getting hot water coming out of the cold faucet and dangerously hot water out of my shower. The hot water in the faucet eventually runs out and the cold returns after about a minute. Unfortunately the shower is more problematic. It is impossible to get just warm water that is more than a trickle. ...
Ask a Plumber faustomrey 1 month 252 views

Ask a Plumber
Hello, I have a water line in a commercial facility above a false ceiling in an office that hammers when toilets 150′ away are flushed.  This line is the end of a run feeding an outside spigot on one wall of this office.  I have already installed one hammer arrestor in the line in this area, but the hammer persists.  Will installing ...
Ask a Plumber watsonr 1 month 352 views

Ask a Plumber
Hi I understand that when gluing abs pipe, the pipe is pushed fully into the connector. I have a situation that doesn’t allow that. I have a toilet drain pipe that is about 1/2″ too short. When I place the flange into the drain pipe, only 1″ of the flange pipe enters the drain pipe. Is this 1″ enough to make ...
Ask a Plumber emarano 2 months 413 views

Ask a Plumber
I have an iron remover installed by Briggs in Jan. 2003 and re-bed in Feb. 2011. I think the setting has been shifted, probably by hydro outages, and would like to know how to reset it, how often it should run and a few basic instructions. Can you help me, please? ...
Ask a Plumber fowlerjoan0 2 months 293 views