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Category : Ask a Plumber

Plumbing is a lifeline in your home through which everything flows. That’s why when there’s a problem, almost everything you need to know before attempting a repair, installing a replacement piece, or even calling a plumber is here: expert tips, practical advice, and much more.

Causes of hot water discolouration

Ask a Plumber
After being on vacation my hot water is discoloured (brown) for a while then clears up. Does this mean I need a new electric hot water tank? I have been in this house for nine and half years and the house was eighteen months old when I moved in so the tank is 11 years old. Thank you for answering this ... View more
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Car issue.

Ask a Plumber
My car was recently in the garage to fix the breaks.  Now I have NO breaks whatsoever.  I put brake fluid in it, but it just runs right out.  Then the battery also joined the invisible generation, and it will not start. In fact, it’s supposed to be a new battery, but it bulges in the cold here and we ... View more
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Boiler not shutting down with low water

Ask a Plumber
My steam boiler Crown JS52EI fills up and the sight glass shows way lower than mark on boiler. Should be 3/4 up in sight glass but stops taking automatic water feed when about 2-3 inches are visible in the sight glass. The burner does not shut off even if you test it by draining the water and steam started coming ... View more
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