Banging noise coming from water pipes

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The pipes in the home have become increasingly loud, with knocks and bangs occurring from the sudden closing of a tap to running the dishwasher or laundry machine. The likely cause is a main feed that has loose straps. Is there any smart way to locate these and reclamp as needed? With minimal tearing  of drywall, floor boards etc.


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  1. Unfortunately we have to resort to good old fashion listening to where the sound is most prevalent and then cut open a wall and secure the pipes to attach them. However the reason pipes start making noise is not always because they have come loose in the wall. It may be that the municipality has increased the pressure on the supply pipes leading to your home. The first thing we recommend is checking the pressure coming into the home. It should be between 50 and 80 psi. If it is above 80 psi one thing that may help the pipes to stop banging in put on a pressure regulating valve (PRV) for the whole home. The next thing that can be done that is not as invasive as cutting holes in the wall is to put water hammer arrestors on at the fixtures that are causing the pipes to make noise when you shut them off.

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