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The PVC pipe is sticking out of the basement floor where the toilet will be installed. I’m putting porcelain tile on the floor. How do I go about getting the best seal with the toilet?


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  1. To get the tightest seal, the closet flange should be sitting flush with the finished floor. If the flange is on top of the finished floor the toilet will rock due to it sitting directly on the flange. It is important to have a little gap between the flange and the toilet, the reason being is the wax is what seals the flange to the toilet. If you have direct contact between the flange and toilet there is a good chance it won’t seal which would cause leaks down the road.

    To attach the flange to the floor you should start by drilling the concrete using a masonry bit, then use “TAPCON” screws to attach the closet flange to the floor. Doing it this way will ensure that the wax ring on top of the flange makes the seal, not the flange itself.

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