Clogged toilet flushing very slowly

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My toilet is flushing very slowly. I think it is clogged with toilet paper.  Is there anything I can do? I tried plunger but that doesn’t seem to do it.  I know it is only toilet paper or paper towel as there are no children or pets in the house and I inadvertently dropped a large section of paper towel into the bowl and flushed before I realized it was there!


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  1. Other than plunging it you may have to call in a professional to fix this one. Paper towel is different from toilet paper. Toilet paper is made to break down upon contact with water where paper towel is the exact opposite. Depending on how handy you are there are some products you may be able to purchase at your local hardware store. These might include a toilet auger of an air bomb. Word of caution, they can be messy.

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