Dishwasher installation away from sink-drain hose

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Hi from Croatia 
I have a problem with dishwasher installation.(see sketch)

DW is about 110-120 cm away from drain, separated by 1 cabinet with drawers.
Red line is solution installed by us. Drain hose is extended with another one, and it goes below cabinets, then up to high loop next to sink, and then to drain.
Plumber installed it badly, hose was laying on floor, without high loop. My husband lifted it a little and we added high loop beside sink.
Would it be better do do high loop on DW ( on back), and then below cabinets, to another high loop beside sink.
Thank you!!!

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  1. The purpose of the high loop is to create a trap so you don’t get smell coming back through your kitchen sink drain from the dishwasher. The closer to the sink that the high loop is the better to reduce smell. Only one high loop (or trap)is sufficient.

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