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I am going to install a dishwasher that has to be across from the sink in our small kitchen. I can get the water supply over no problem but I’m not sure about the drain. There is no air gap requirement and I do not know yet if there is already a high loop in the DW (Samsung). Can I do I a high loop behind the DW and send the drain into the floor, then straight across to join the kitchen sink drain in the basement? There is already a trap in the basement near the sink drain. I can post pics if needed.

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    Pictures would be great. Without the pictures it sounds like you’ll be ok as long as your distance isn’t excessive.
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    • https://goo.gl/photos/38EwAgvqUi9oo4Yq9

      here is a pic under the floor of the sink. the drain already has an additional trap which i was hoping to run the DW drain to. it’s actually not a straight shot across the kitchen, i will have to run the drain into the floor, 5ft along the wall, then an additional 8ft across to the trap, 13ft total length. as long as i have a high loop at the dishwasher and run to the trap at a downward slope i should be fine? also, can i use copper pipe to run 13ft to the trap or should that be ABS/PVC that runs to the trap?

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