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I have lived in my condo for 2 years now, and without notification, workers were putting up pipes and sewage pipes directly behind my parking space. I have purchased a new SUV and I know that there is no way that I could use my roof racks, due to these pipes being in the way. A dentist that is moving into the retail space upstairs is having this work done. These pipes hang 7 inches below the regular pipes. I heard that the pipes are not “to code”. Regardless if they are to code or not, are they able to infringe on my space that I pay for monthly and pay taxes on yearly. This also inflicts on the re-sale of my condo. 

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    When it comes to the code you could call the local authorities that would inspect such work and inquire whether there has been a permit pulled. If not you have a leg to stand on when it comes to moving the pipes or adjusting them for you vehicle. When it comes to paying for a space that you can’t use I would be talking to the landlord about the situation.

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