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Good morning

Recently, installed a new, all brass 1800 Brass Ballcock by Moen.

I have done everything and the water level still reaches to the overflow draining very slowly into the toilet. I have turned the screw at the top, as instructed, as far as it would go and that does not stop the dribble.

Any suggestions would help. Thanks, MR






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  1. There are a couple things it could be. The first is you could just have a faulty ballcock. The other is if it is being adjusted right. Some aftermarket ballcocks just don’t work with all toilets. Based on your description you are doing everything right you just may have the wrong part.

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    • Thank you… I spoke to Moen, and they shocked me by telling me that 1800 Brass Ballcock was from 1985!!
      They are sending me an ‘up to date’ one for my toilet, and I am after the plumber supply store which sold me
      this product.

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