Gurgling sound coming from my drains

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There are strange unusual gurgling noises when I drain my tub. Where does it come from? Should I be worried?


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  1. This could be one of three things.

    • First you could have debris in your drains which is not allowing the venting system to work as it is designed. This could be a warning sign that you may have a backup.
    • Second we find a lot in this day and age of do-it-yourselfers that sometimes the drainage and venting isn’t set up properly and causes a syphoning of your P-trap in some fixtures. Is there a smell that goes along with the gurgling? Does the gurgling come out of any other of your bathroom fixtures like the sink or toilet as well?
    • Third this could be a normal sound as it has good drainage and the sound of drainage is coming out of your overflow pipe on your tub.

    You may want to call a professional for a look to give you peace of mind.

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