How to get better flushing power from basement toilet?

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Out toilet in the basement bathroom seems to flush less efficiently than the ones on the other floors. Any idea why?



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  1. There are many reasons that a toilet does not flush well. A few of the things that you could check are as follows:

    1. Is the toilet set up right? What I mean by this is there the proper level of water in the tank, is the flapper chain the right length, is the fill tube in the fill tower? These are all things that need to be checked to make sure you are getting maximum flush.
    2. How old is your toilet? Like many things toilets have a life expectancy. In places with hard water the water can be especially hard on toilets. As water rushes through a toilet when it flushes it can leave behind hard water deposits on the inside of the toilet. As time progresses and more and more hard water deposits build up it can start to restrict the flow of water going through the toilet which in turn affects the toilets flushing power. There is very little that can be done to rectify this other than replacing your toilet with a new one.
    3. The last thing that could be your problem is you may have an inferior toilet compared to your other ones upstairs. Not all toilets are created equal. With the types of bends, inside finish and flushing mechanism toilets come with can massively change how well your toilet flushes. The old adage of you get what you pay for definitely rings true with toilets.

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  2. Thank you very much for your answer, it sheds a lot of light on my problem. I thought that there could be a problem with the angle of the evacuation drain, limited by the foundations. It looks like it’s not the cause. I’ll investigate per your 3 clues. Thanks!

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