Is there a valve to turn off during vacation?

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I’ll be away from my house for a couple of weeks on vacation, are there any valves that should be turned off while we are away?


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  1. I encourage customers to shut the water off to the house when they are away, even just for a few days. If a pipe bursts or cracks, it may be days before anyone discovers it, which is enough time to cause serious damage to the house.

    The main water shut-off valve can be found in various places in the home, depending on the style of construction. It could be in the basement or in a crawlspace.

    If traveling during the winter, it is also a good idea to drain the water lines down after the water is shut off to the house in case the furnace fails. If the furnace fails and the temperature in the house drops below freezing, residual water in the pipes can freeze, which can cause the pipes to burst. You can drain most of the water lines by opening all faucets in the home after shutting off the main valve.

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