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This just started.  When the faucet is running in the one sink, after about 15 seconds the water starts to pool in that sink and then the water comes up in the other sink.  Tried Liquid Plumr following the instructions, exactly, the problem not solved.  Tried Drano, same results.  Not a major problem unless the faucet is run for a while to wash dishes.  Does this require a plumber visit? Thank you.


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  1. Your sink sounds like the pipes leading from it are starting to accumulate build-up in them and not allow water to drain fast enough. Using a liquid plumber or a draino type product is not recommended. It is a very strong acid and can be very damaging to your pipes. To fix the problem you would need a special tool called a sewer auger to go down your pipes and clean them out. Most plumbing companies would have this tool. We would be happy to help if you need us.

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