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Help! My kitchen sink is clogged. Can someone please tell me how I go about clearing my pipes?


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  1. No one likes to deal with a clog, but if you have one, start by putting a bucket or a pan under the trap and disconnect it to see if that’s where it is clogged. Hopefully, the trap will be where the cause of the clog solidified. Be careful using a caustic drain cleaner because they are generally for total clogs, and could run right past a partial clog and be no help at all. If it seems there is something a little tougher to clear out, such as candle wax, the only way to flush it out of the drain would be with a big pot of boiling water and then running the hot water until the line runs clear. You may have to do the boiling water pot more than once. This will work but in most cases a drain auger will be needed to clear the line if the above doesn’t work.

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