Leaking hot water tank causing well pump problems

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Can a leaking hot water tank affect the operation of a well pump?


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  1. I can’t see a leaking HWT effecting the operation of a well pump. The pumping system would cycle more. In some areas, a HWT can be used as a pressure tank. If this were the case, yes this would effect the pump operation.

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    • Many thanks for taking the time to respond. The extra cycling was what I had in mind but thought that it might also affect the pressure at the tap. In any case, I’ve had the tank replaced (it was almost 20 years old) and the tap problem remains so I’ll call in a plumber to focus on that.

  2. Yes, a little bit…… the same effect but less than a toilet that won’t shut off after flushing. The well pump would start up over a period of time to pressurize the system and water tank back to full. It adds a little more work and electricity use than normal.
    A small leak would not be harmful in the short term on a modern well pumping system with a proper prepressurized tank…..this is the same whether using a high pressure submersible type in the well or a suction jet pump type in the basement. Mike

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