Low hot water pressure in shower ONLY

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I just moved into my condo and for some reason ONLY in my shower do I have low hot water pressure. Other bathroom, faucets etc work perfectly fine. When running cold water the pressure is fine but once I turn the handle all the way for the hot water, very little water comes out. What could be causing this?


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  1. It sounds to me that the cartridge on the hot water side may be defective and should be replaced. One other suggestion would be to remove the shower head and place in in CLR for the night to clear our any mineral deposits.

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  2. Usually caused by sediment in the hot water system, sediment forms when cold water is heated up and the natural minerals start to separate. The mineral will then start to travel from the boiler/hot water heater into the hot port of your tub/shower/faucet cartridge. You should have this checked/replaced and it also doesn’t hurt to clear your shower head with CLR as Knight has said.
    In Alberta we have very hard water, this is a very common issue and occurrence for all provinces and especially here in Alberta, a lot of customers have water softners installed to stop this issue, however they are usually not installed in condos.

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