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Our home is 6years old. Everything was brand new and working well! However now the water pressure fluctuates. It goes up and down like a yoyo. Do you have any idea why this would happen?



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  1. I would need some more information on this to diagnose the issue. Is it both the hot and cold side? Is this a rural property or urban? Have you had any plumbing work done on your home recently? Do you have a sump pump and if so has it been turning on more recently than normal? Does it happen when you turn on any tap? Does it happen when more than one tap is turned on?

    If this is a rural property and you get your water from a well, you are probably having issues with your pump and pressure tank. Normally it is either a faulty pressure switch or a pressure tank has a hole in the bladder and is saturated. To diagnose it properly I would recommend calling in a professional.

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