New water pipe, copper or plastic?

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I’m putting new water pipe in my home. Should I use copper or plastic?


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  1. I used plastic in the last reno I did. It’s working super well.
    good points:
    it fits on existing copper
    at the end of the day you’ll save money
    way more easy to work -flexible, etc
    it’s costy the first time cause you need to buy the claws (but compare to copper fitting that are not weld, it’s a given)

    I hope it’ll last as long as copper, but time will tell me.

  2. I am taking for granted that this is a water line feeding your home from the city water source. If this is the case my recommendation would be plastic as it has a life expectancy almost double that of copper line.
    If you are replacing all of the waterlines in an existing home I would again recommend plastic as the life expectancy again is double that of copper. There will also be a lot less destruction to the walls of your home when you put in plastic as you will be able to feed plastic through the walls. With copper you have to tear away all the drywall to be able to fit them into place.

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