What do I need to do to become a plumber?

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Hi, I am newcomer and I am interesting to do plumber in my life .

I want know what to do to be plumber here .

Go to college to learn the trade of plumber first.

Or else I can find plumber to do practice is at the same time going to study the plumber.

this is my questions.

thank you



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  1. Welcome to Canada! The path to becoming a plumber varies from province to province.

    Here in Alberta, to become a certified Plumber you first need to find a plumbing company that is willing to “sponsor” you. In essence this means they have hired you and you are working in the plumbing trade. Once this is done you need to register as an apprentice at any Alberta apprenticeship office. After that you need to acquire 1500 hrs of experience in the field to pass your first year hours requirement. After this most apprentices will go to school for two months to pass their first year.

    This cycle of hours and school continues for four years until all the requirements for hours (6000 hrs) is fulfilled and the schooling has been done (8 months). Once all of this has been accomplished you write your final exam to become a journeyman plumber.

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