“Rotten cabbage” smell through the cottage

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There is a “rotten cabbage” smell through the cottage when we first get there. Goes away after some fresh air. We can’t find it anywhere ! Smell it mostly in the basement stairwell. There are two basement floor drains and a creek behind the cottage, but no mould or leaks inside. This just started in last year or so. Any ideas ?


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  1. Smells are one of the hardest things to diagnose as a plumber because they are invisible.

    One of the first things that we check when there is an odor are all the P traps in a house. A P trap is designed to allow water drainage to go through the pipes but keeps odors from coming back up. This is done by creating a “trap” of water. Sometimes if the drain has not been used in a while the water in the trap evaporates and allows sewer odors to come back up through the drain.

    To fix this all that needs to be done is to put water down the drain. You mentioned that you have two floor drains in the basement. Before you leave your cottage and when you return I would dump about two gallons of water down each. If this is where the smell is coming from it should rectify the problem.

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