Sewage smell in the basement

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There is a foul smell when I go down to the basement which started about two weeks ago. What could be causing this?



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  1. For the sewer smell my first guess would be a dried up p-trap. What I would suggest doing is pouring water down all drains in the basement. Hope that helps.

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  2. Without visually inspecting your basement myself, during my long tenure as a plumber we usually come across the following when there is a complaint of a sewer smell..

    Usually, it is one of the following, ranked from most common to least common from my experience out in the field over the past 25 years..

    a) your main building drain has never been hydro-jetted and there is a large build-up of grease and other rotting debris causing large amounts of black drain goo to form which should be hydro-jetted to remove it all
    b) Old Cast iron piping that has become cracked allowing sewer gas to escape
    c) a cleanout cap for your building or sewer drain line has not been properly sealed when put back on
    d) Your floor drain has dried up and is allowing gases to come into your home

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