Shower not working in my upstairs bathroom

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Hello, I am having a problem with my shower in my upstairs bathroom, no water seems to be coming through, yet my faucets in my sink and bathtub are working well..

Can you identify what could be the problem with it?

Thank you


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  1. Sometimes foreign objects find their way into our water lines. A source of this is the hot water tank. Either calcium particles or even bits of a pipe called a drop tube can break off and cause water flow issues. Is the shower in question part of your bathtub and no water is coming out of the shower head but it is working fine at the bath tub? If this is the case you may need to remove your shower head and either replace it or clean out any foreign objects out of the shower head. If it is a standalone shower I would start by shutting off the water to the whole house and take apart and clean the cartridge and rough in valve and inspect for any foreign objects.

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