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My boyfriend and I have had water seeping up through the basement floor from the hydrostatic pressure.

We dug up the floor and put some drainage tile down and dug another hole for the sump pump basin and sump pump.

All is installed but now we aren’t sure where we are supposed to drain the water from the sump pump.

A little insight on where we could put the hose to discharge would be alright.

We had it draining into the floor drain for a couple of days now and that was working fine but this morning I went down there and the water was backing up onto the basement floor.

Now we really are unsure about this?


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  1. Gentlemen Plumbers

    Many houses in Alberta have the same problem you are experiencing. Most municipalities have bylaws against putting groundwater into the sewer system as it can over tax their system. If you wanted to discharge your ground water into the floor drain a special permit is required but are usually only given in special circumstances. With that said you have other options. What is done most times is that a hard pipe is run from your sump pump up and out the side of your wall above ground level. From there a detachable flexible 1 ½”hose is connected that is approximately 20’ long. You want to position the hoes away from the house so when the sump pump kicks on the water drains away from the house.
    You also mentioned that your floor drain is backing now when the sump pump is on. This should not happen and may be a sign that your sewer line is restricted or blocked. I would recommend having your sewer line cameraed to see what is going on.

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