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We live in Winnipeg, MB and the weather has been quite cold (-28C) with a lot of snow.  Two weeks ago our sump pump started filling and dispelling water every 5 minutes.  Our water metre isn’t running and both our neighbours are not having problems.  A plumber has been over to check out the pump and the City has been down twice to determine if their is a leak in the City pipes running to the house.  They have taken a sample of the water to determine if it is coming from City pipes and we have yet to hear from them.  Where could the water be coming from?  Our concern is that with the frequency of the sump pump operation that it could burn out and we will flood our basement.  We’ve been in this house for 13 years and this is the first winter it has happened.  Who should we call to try and determine what the issue is?





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  1. Wow! This definitely sounds like a serious problem. It sounds like a main water line leak. I would wait for the city to get back to you before doing anything else.

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