Tank plunger continues to stick after replacement

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I have replaced the tank plunger twice now and yet it still continues to get stuck hence the toilet continues to run. What do i measure to get the right size of plunger?


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  1. Before I answer I’ll ask whether you are talking about a plunger or a flapper. The vast majority of toilets use flappers, not plungers. In either case, the cause for your problem may be the same.

    It could be that your model of toilet requires a specific plunger or flapper. If you have tried generic plungers, I recommend you contact the toilet manufacturer and see if you can get the part number of the plunger that fits this toilet.

    It could be that the plunger is worn and needs to be replaced. All moving parts eventually need to be replaced, and plungers may need replacing annually. However, from your description, it sounds like you’ve replaced it multiple times fairly recently, so this probably isn’t the problem.

    The length of the chain that holds the plunger may be too short or too long. If it’s not quite long enough, the plunger may get flipped over. Try making it a centimetre or two longer and see if that fixes the seal.

    The last option is that the seal on the tank has developed a groove or a tear and needs to be replaced. In other words, the plunger is fine but the part where the plunger meets the tank is leaking. Turn the water to the toilet off and have a look at the seal itself and see if there are grooves in it. If this is the problem, the tower itself may replacing, which is a job that’s a bit too large to describe in an answer here. I’d recommend you contact a professional if this is the problem.

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