Toilet making loud noise when flushed

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When flushed, my toilet makes a loud fog horn noise. It stops when the system is filled but if I turn on a tap whilst the toilet is filling the noise goes on longer. I’m not very good at DIY so haven’t a clue what to do or how much it would cost to get someone in to fix the problem.


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  1. It sounds like calcium buildup has occurred in one of two places in your toilet system. Either calcium build has started on your shutoff valve or your fill valve in your toilet. When calcium builds up just right it can restrict the flow of water and sometimes cause a whistle or horn sound from water quickly passing by the built up area. To rectify the problem I would first turn your shut off valve on and off a few times to break loss any calcium that may be built up in that area. If that does not work you will have to replace your fill valve in your toilet. If it still persists your toilet shut off valve will need replacement.

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