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I have a water line in a commercial facility above a false ceiling in an office that hammers when toilets 150′ away are flushed.  This line is the end of a run feeding an outside spigot on one wall of this office.  I have already installed one hammer arrestor in the line in this area, but the hammer persists.  Will installing a second arrestor have any effect?  If not, what other options do I have?   Thanks.


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  1. Because of the length of the line either a larger hammer arrestor or multiple small ones will help on this line. You have a lot of water travelling down your line at a high rate and as soon as you stop the water all of that kinetic energy has no place to go. This is why you get the pipe rattle. You need to provide a place for it to go by installing cushions or hammer arrestors to slow down and cushion the water.

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