WATER Pressure. How can I increase water pressure in a three story building?

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How can I increase water pressure in a three story building?


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  1. If your building is on a municipal water source there is not much you can do other than making your own little pump house in your building. This would be a large investment. The pressure coming into your building should be between 40psi to 80psi on the high end. If you find that it is low, you could contact the water department at your municipality to see if they could increase it. If there is nothing they can do and it is essential to have better pressure I would contact us or a local plumber to go over options and design of an onsite pump house.

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  2. If you call your municipality they will be happy to tell you what the static pressure is at low and peak times in your area. In most municipalities that would range from 80-160 psi, then at your water entrance you would need a pressure gauge to check the pressure on the service (customer side) side of your pressure reducing valve. If it is lower than 55-80 psi and the static pressure in the street is above 80 psi it could be as simple as increasing the pressure on your PRV. If none of that works then you may need to install a lead free booster pump. Depending on the size or the water entrance it does not have to be an excessively expensive project. You should contact your local plumbing professional.

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