Why is hot water coming out of the cold side as well as external faucets

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I have a watts recirculation system; problem per above.  also question is how to identify which valve might be stuck open, if that is the problem.  just installed new water heater expansion tank with 60 psi at the faucet head.

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  1. There are possibly three things that can cause the problem that you are having. The first you have identify a possible bypass valve open that should not be. To rectify this you need to follow the cold and hot water lines throughout the whole house to make sure they are flowing the way they were designed.

    The second possibility is similar to the first with a line that has been crossed. If this is a new problem and there is no chance of a new line being crossed you can eliminate that.

    The last is the most difficult to find and that is a cartridge in one of your faucets had become compromised and is leaking through to the other side. Usually this is not a huge amount of hot water and your cold at the faucet that is the culprit will be lukewarm.

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